Rekolektzia #1

We just had our first ReKolektzia event, check out the photos and the video:

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The video:

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Revolution in the clothing department!

You are NOT REQUIRED to wear the CastroFoxCalvinkleinGapZaraMangoBananarepublic uniform!

In Re-Kolektzia we transform old clothes into inspired new raiment. That old dress, married thoughtfully to a piece of curtain, becomes a deep front shirt, a pleated skirt or a stylish apron.

Instead of paying through the nose at boring and commercialized shirt shops, come meet us in an enchanting 19th Century courtyard near the Russian Compound. Bring a pile of clothes that are just taking up space in your closet (yes, yes, we mean that blue shirt with yellow stripes and those jeans you can no longer stuff yourself into). At Re-Kolektzia you’ll find tailors, designers, printers, people who know how to charm clothing into being. All you have to do is choose something(s) from the piles, think of what you’d like done, and bring them to the experts. Sometimes scissors do the job, a print can turn a dress around, and sometimes serious tailoring may be in order. No matter what’s done, you’ll leave with a unique new item for your wardrobe. One-off designer duds for free!

And the best part?

While you’re playing designer and seamstress, and later as you sport your cool new outfit, you’re also coming out against the corporations and the consumer culture they engender AND winning green points for re-use of manufactured products. Come with a bag of old clothes and leave righteous AND dressed to kill.

So save the date!

The first Re-Kolektzia will take place between 10:00 and 17:00 on Friday, June 16, at the Sergei Courtyard (near the Russian compound), 13 Helene Hamalka St. As the event is part of the Sugia conference, entry will cost 10 NIS.
Now you have just enough time to change winter with summer clothes and see what you can pass along the wardrobe’s food chain.


The idea for this project came from the United States. There it’s called Swap-O-Rama-Rama. To see what it looks like over there, see the video here.

Animal costumes made of ski gloves, pantyhose and tennis racquet covers…

Do it yourself machine for T-shirt folding. No more excuses for that disorganized closet.

The world in Re-Kolektzia - "Haaretz" (hebrew)

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